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Satish Gupta

Earn on forex online

Dear Forex Traders!

- Can you give me some currency trading tips on forex? Here's the thing, I have been interested in a currency trading exchange for a while. Therefore, I recently opened a forex demo account in one of the brokerage companies. I am  actively learning to work with currency pairs, study the currency trading basics on forex market. I feel that I am ready to start trading with real money.  What can you advise me of how to start trading and not to lose all my capital?

  • Suman Kumar
    Hi! It is a big pleasure to help you. First of all it was a right choice to open a forex demo account first than to deposit forex account with money right away. You would definitely loose everything in a moment. You said you learned how to work on a virtual trading market and willing to trade on real one? I'm not going to tell you that Forex is a good opportunity to fill your purse with money as I am sure you already know about it. So feel free to open a real account for that, by the way, the broker will credit a forex free bonus to your account. You can withdraw this bonus if you trade on the Forex market from your account.
    Back to the case.
    Before you start trading on a live account, see which forex currency trading systems the broker can offer you. Although, if you've already opened a demo account and you trade on it, enjoy the same platform for the real deals with currency pairs.
    Of course, in the beginning trading on forex market might seem to be not as easy as at first sight but afterwards comes the stability. You would never understand Forex market until you try it yourself. I advise to trade with small lots, if you lose you won`t make a big deal out of it and will keep trying and working on your strategy. If you want to earn on forex online follow these two rules - use stop orders on time and do not add money to the already loss-making positions. This is the golden key to ensure that trading on forex market will give you good profit.
    Always keep an eye on analytics and the news! Like stocks, forex can immediately react to the world economy news. Because of the crisis currency market keeps always moving so you can make money in a short period of time. I suggest to place pending orders «buy» and «sell», no matter where the market goes you will make profit. If the market goes up – cancel «sell» order, if down «buy». Keep in mind if the market does not react to the news just cancel both orders, won’t lose.
    Strongly recommend to you to take training courses on "Forex Currency Trading for Beginners" at the training center of your broker. You will practically understand how FX market works and get necessary skills to trade. In short , you will eliminate all fears you have. This is how I started when trading on forex market became interesting to me. I am sure that without learning I would have lost all my money and online forex currency trading would never be in my interests anymore. You know that working on forex market is not a forex game but forex is a profitable business. Wishing you successful trading!